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Initial Team Meeting

As the Visual concept artist, I spent most of my time working on the virtual reality logo design so far. (500px-s-bahn-logo_rot-svg2een above) I’ve spent a lot of time working on different varieties of one logo, that was supposed to be the final concept, nevertheless, a brand new concept was introduced and brought forward a better design and backstory to it (500px-s-bahn-logo_rot-svg2een Bellow), although this was a huge plus for the concept artist team, but it also met with time loss, I believe I should have planned the idea and consequently solidified the concept before setting out on the design process.

Final Meeting

(500px-s-bahn-logo_rot-svg2een bellow) is the final design after Reviewing all logo designs from the visual concept artist team. As a team we believed that this logo matched our design and backstory well, overall the logo is well fitting for the branding of our promotional VR game concept.



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