The story begins with John, a twenty three year old college student living in New Mexico, John has signed up to a upcoming electronic testing group. John is expecting a normal sized group of people. John enters the building, seeing nobody there he concludes that he is early as he enters the room and sits down, a man in a lab coat walks in and places the box down in front of him on the table. Just after the box is placed on the table John asks “Where’s the rest of the test group” The man replies with “You are the test group” then walks out the room leaving John in there alone with the virtual reality headset. A voice from a speaker says “John, please could you put on the headset,” John looks at the headset nervously and continues to put the headset on. As soon as the headset is on he is warped into another world, Arcadia. John experiences three different places in Arcadia, the world is immense and is bursting with excitment. After the experience, John takes the virtual reality headset off and is immediately taken away from the virtual reality. The scientist speaks again “How do you feel John”, John sits there panting then just smiles.



Arcadia is a fifteen second advertisment promoting a brand new VR game. The promo will be debuting the gameplay and experience within the virtual reality. As a team we plan on pitching our new virtual reality video game to 16-30 year olds (Mature audience) The main protagonist, John, a twenty three year old college student living in New Mexico, has signed up for an electronic test group just to earn a little bit of money. When he experiences the new virtual reality game whilst using the virtual reality headset for the first time, he’s extracted out of reality and put into this new virtual reality, the computer enhanced reality creates a new world where the protaganist is now a happier looking character in an arcadia.


To begin the promo it will have a 5-7 second scene where John, for the first time, places the VR headset on his head. John opens the door and goes in the camera will be looking at the door coming from the outside cutting into the testing room. The Next set of shots has the camera in the room, showing John sitting behind the VR headset on the table, and John putting the VR headset on his head. Whilst inside the VR experience the next scenes will be around fifteen seconds long. The camera man will be filming the actor, as John, in his new body in front of a green scene, these scenes will be John in Arcadia.


Arcadia will be modelled in Autodesk Maya. Arcadia will have a three dimensional setting, consisting of low polygon terrarin, architecture, trees, foliage etc, the artistic look of the settings will be low poly lightly textured forms, the environmental artists will be using a natural pallet, the colours and textures will be produced in photoshop, in spite of this, all the textures and colours will be enhanced by the computer generated sun, the sun rays will be rendered using Metal Ray technology achieved in Autodesk Maya.


Some potential constraints that may or may not be experienced is a lack of time to produce all that we would like to create in the world to generate the look and feel of the world. To film the first setting of the promo using a single camera, we may not find the perfect location to film the opening scene. The only thing we may have to buy would be the lab coat the scientist wears in the opening setting. The camera, audio equipment and the VR headset we can borrow from the college.


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