Website Analysis: is an informative news website on the worldwide eSport – Call of Duty Black Ops 3 online league. The website clearly displays information throughout the site allowing the viewer to precisely keep up to date with the current affairs with the teams and tournament ranging from a live updated tournament spreadsheet to videos displaying all the team’s matches.


Throughout the whole site, the background image is consistent and is relatable to the subject of the website, clearly presented with a good aspect ratio, not only that but the background doesn’t obstruct the information being conveyed in the foreground.


Throughout the website there is accurate informative information about the page’s content, this is a good design scheme as it allows the viewer to understand fully what the page is about, in spite of this I do feel that the font could be changed to suit the “Call Of Duty” logo, so the page will feel more aesthetically pleasing to the viewer also allowing the page to flow smoother as the font would match the theme of the page.


The information page clearly displays information about the website as a whole which is really good as it allows new viewers to understand what the website’s intent is for and what’s the purpose of the eSport. The font’s colour scheme used on this page does match the theme which is good and there is a black box surrounding the background of the information thus allows the information to be legible, however, I feel it would be easier if the font’s colour was just white, it matches the “Call Of Duty” font logo I also feel it is far more aestetically pleasing as it still matches the theme of the website which also creates more fluidity within the website’s design and structure.


For the video page I really like the idea and I feel the information is clearly displayed everything is correctly composed together each video with decent proportions all the same size appearing uniform, this is good as it also allows the user to clearly see what they have and haven’t watched, and to skip from one video to the next efficiently without becoming lost in a lot of badly scaled video boxes, nonetheless the only constructive criticism I have for the page is that the video boxes are not centred within the page and are slightly to the right of the from the centre line of the page, it is not a legibility error, nonetheless, more of a visually aesthetic error. Overall, the website fulfills it’s purpose though, once the page has a few tweaks here and there regarding design the page will be at it’s greatest potential.


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