Trailer Storyboard

Scene 1

Shot I: Long wide shot of environment stores and pavement seen in the background.

Shot II: close up shot of thief gun whilst he is walking down street

Shot III: close up shot of thief’s nose and eyes looking angry whilst walking down the street.

Shot IV: frontal, medium, shot of thief walking down street

shot V: (Civilian #1 and thief are walking towards the camera) as the thief and civilian gets closer, the camera pans down from a medium frontal shot of civilian in the foreground with thief behind to a low shot where the civilian’s briefcase is visible and thus becomes evident what the thief is after.

shot VI: medium side shot of both the thief and civilian walking – thief takes the briefcase and begins to run.

Shot VII: close up shot of the interaction between the thief and civilian clearly displaying both their emotion.

shot VIII: medium shot of the interaction again but from behind

shot IX: close up shot of civilians wallet dropping in the side curb.

shot X: a frontal medium shot of civilian running up to nearby policewoman (who is unaware of whole interaction) Civilian #1 tells the police officer.

shot XI: a frontal medium shot of thief running away – police and Civilian #1 in the background, – Police begins to chase after the thief.

shot XII: across the street long shot of thief running away and police behind chasing.

shot XIII: medium close up of thief dashing around corner

shot XIV: a frontal-medium shot of civilian #2 walking down street however the thief is in the background running towards civilian #2 – Thief passes the briefcase off into the civilian #2 hands.

shot XV: medium behind shot of interaction – thief takes off running and slips down the alleyway.

shot XVI: close up – medium shot of civilian looking down – camera pans down to the briefcase.

shot XVII: Civilian #2 POV shot of the briefcase

shot XVIII: frontal, medium, over the shoulder shot of civilian looking back up from the bag (however now the policewoman coming around the corner running in background civilian looks back)

shot XIX: side shot of both police and civilian #2 – Civilian #2 turns around and then begins running down the street as the Police woman is now chasing the civilian.

shot XX: low back shot showing police chasing civilian down the street.

shot XXI: medium over the shoulder shot showing the thief in the alleyway looking at the chase of the police and civilian #2. The thief is scared behind the corner, as the thief turns to peek around the corner the camera lightly pans to the right peeking around the corner with the thief.

 500px-s-bahn-logo_rot-svgeen Bellow Storyboard

Photo on 25-01-2017 at 15.57.jpg


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