Trailer Proposal – Diary – (UNIT 60)

A Victim Of Circumstance



To begin this brief, this week we began choosing our groups and researching the LA Noire trailer.


To begin this week I started to write down the different ideas on how our film noir trailer would pan out, I came up with two concepts by myself aside from my group and wrote them down in my blog KCIMGDLIAMGALLACHER.WORDPRESS.COM


To begin this week I started to come together with my group to present my ideas to my other group members. We discussed what ideas had potential and what we would most likely go ahead with.


To begin this week, as a group we presented the chosen film concept to the lecturer, the film concept was Liam Gallacher’s concept #1 “A Victim Of A Circumstance”.


During this week, as a group – Liam Gallacher, Adil Hassan and Jordan Alexis-Ebanks and started writing down costume planning, role assignment. To make the film planning easier we all had been allocated specific planning responsibilities whereby we assigned each member to different scenes to direct, this included the script, the roles, costume planning, role planning and the shot planning. We also made a Whatsapp chat group to communicate with our group members.


During this week, as a group we continued doing the work we began producing on 12/5/16.


No Film Noir production this week


No Film Noir production this week


During this week, as a group we went to our original location within Clapham Junction, Lavender Hill, Lavender Walk to film Scene 1 and 3 however due to a camera error we had to reschedule our filming date which was changed to 1/11/2016 On this date we had filmed Scene 1 between 10:30 – 12:30 in a different location which is stated above in our location proposal. Scene 2 was filmed on the 1/4/2016 between 12:30 and 14:00 after filming scene 1.


During this week we filmed Scene 1 as stated above between 10:30-12:30 and then after scene 4 from 1:00 – 1:20 and finally Scene 3 was filmed between 4:00 – 4:30.


During this week, we began editing the scenes together.


During this week we were finishing the editing process and adding the final tweaks to the trailer.

Concept 1

// ————————————–//


– 1 Police Officer (Viktorija Strazdaite)

– 1 Thief (Jordan Alexis-Ebanks)

– 1 Civilian #1 (Liam Gallacher)

– 1 Civilian #2 (Adil Hassan)

– 1 Hostage (Viktorija Strazdaite)


– Adil Hassan

– Liam Gallacher

– Viktorija Strazdaite


– Adil Hassan

– Liam Gallacher


– Liam Gallacher

– Viktorija Strazdaite

– Adil Hassan

– Jordan Alexis-Ebanks


– Viktorija Strazdaite

– Liam Gallacher

– Jordan Alexis Ebanks

– Adil Hassan

– Stuart Thorne (Clothes holder)


Canon legria HF R SERIES

The camera seen above was perfect for our filming, as it was easy to use and all the group members knew how to use it. The only error I found with it was the quality, despite the quality, it didn’t matter as much as back in the 1930-50s they also didn’t have high definition cameras like we do in 2017.

LED Spotlight


The Led spotlight seen above was perfect in all our scenes because the light was hard and was able to give a definite light to cast effective shadows which matched the film noir style. The camera was also dimmable so therefore we could adjust the lighting in each setting.


Police Uniform

The police officer uniform was authentic to the 1930 -1950 film Noir police officers based on our research.

1930-50s film Noir clothing (smart shoes, Trench coat, shirt, top hat, blacked out glasses, black gloves)

The Trench coat, shirt, top hat, gloves and smart shoes were authentic styles of clothing which were used during the 1930 -1950 era based on our research.

Scene 1:

 Perry Court 26-28 // Old London Rd Kingston upon Thames // KT2 6QD


Screen Shot 2017-02-01 at 13.07.40.png


Screen Shot 2017-02-01 at 13.05.27.png

Seen above in (jpeg1) above is scene 1: Directed by Liam. Scene 1 was the longest scene to film and took the longest to edit and prepare. We as a group chose to use this set seen in (jpeg1) rather than the original set seen in (jpeg2) because of two factors, one – our original location seen in (jpeg2) after we had received the Canon legria HF R SERIES from our college we had noticed they had provided us with a flat battery within our camera, fortunately I had my own camera, nonetheless, the SD card still wasn’t working in the new camera. After feedback from the college film department all we needed to do was format the SD card before putting it into a new camera, thus, it was a lack of technological knowledge which if known would of saved us time and travel money.

our original set, set in, Lavender Hill // Lavender Walk, Clapham Junction was ideal as it was a central location where all my group members had easy access to within thirty minutes or less which was ideal and it also was low cost to travel to by train or bus. The set was perfect for our Scene 1 as according to our storyline we needed a location near to a dark alleyway for civilian #1 & #2 to be apart of the robbery, we also needed the thief to have a hiding spot to run down to hide from the Police officer.

Scene 1 we had to film the robbery taking place in the daylight, therefore, according to our original schedule we had planned to film this scene by 3:00 nonetheless, before filming we as a group felt that the scene 1 should be filmed during the night as a robbery at night is far more nearer to the film noir setting – however, in the end we filmed during the daylight as the scene would still work out as long as the hiding spot was well hidden. Scene #1 also went well with Scene #3 as the thief comes back to the same location as Scene #1 to look for evidence of where the Civilian #2 had dropped his wallet – in Scene #3 The thief cames back in the night to look less suspicious scanning the road to find something.

Our new set (jpeg1) was based in Perry Court 26-28 // Old London Rd, this set was just as ideal as It was near our college which means all our group members were close to the location, thus saving travel costs and journey time which at this point, in order to keep up with our schedule of filming then editing we needed to film as soon as possible and as efficient as possible. Our new set was just as good as our first one in Clapham Junction as it was a location near to a dark alleyway for civilian #1 & #2 to be apart of the robbery, and had an amazing hiding spot for the thief to have a hiding spot to run down to hide from the Police officer, however the only problem that incurred was dealing with pedestrians, as we filmed near a store customers were constantly moving around the windows and doors, bearing in mind the director didn’t want the pedestrians un-film Noir style clothing to reduce the authenticity of the scene, nevertheless all was well as we always found opportunities to efficiently film a shot when the pedestrians were out the way of the shots.

 Scene 2:

Kingston college class // 55 Richmond Rd, Kingston upon Thames KT2 5BP

----- (Paste Picture from Adil here) -----

Seen above in (jpeg1) is scene 2: Directed by Adil. Within this scene we needed a secluded location that looked like a secret hideout for the thief. The room we chose within our college was perfect as we were able to darken the lighting and tweak whether we wanted natural lighting from outside which would of produced a softer light upon the set – in which we utilised as long as a hard spotlight to cast solid shadows which matched the film Noir film style. The real-time outside sound was quiet which was also best suited for this scene as we chose to film this scene during our break so there was no disturbances regarding sound from classes. We needed a computer and the class room had a perfect setup with a computer which we needed for this scene.

Scene 3:

 Perry Court 26-28 // Old London Rd Kingston upon Thames // KT2 6QD



Seen above in (jpeg1) is scene 3. Directed by Jordan. Scene 3 is linked to scene 1, whereby the setting was exactly the same except we filmed at nighttime instead of daytime. This scene was straightforward and one of the fastest scenes we had to film which also required a small amount of preparation time. We had relatively no problems whilst filming this scene. This scene at night was perfect as it was a side road off the main road and had alleyways throughout the side road which made loads of opportunity for the thief to come out from, it only added more to the film Noir style. Another positive factor was there wasn’t a lot of noise on this side road, or pedestrians which also gave us room to film sufficiently.

Scene 4:

Kingston college class // 55 Richmond Rd, Kingston upon Thames KT2 5BP 

----- (Paste Picture from Adil here) -----

Seen above in (jpeg1) is scene 4: Directed by Viktorija. Within this scene we needed a location that looked like a bedroom. To save time we chose to do it in the same location as Scene 2, though to make it look like a different location we just changed the shot angle. A really positive factor about this room was that the room originally had perfect lighting tools, we chose to use a warmer soft light as it felt more like a home environment. along with natural lighting from the window behind. Regardless, the soft light still produced a light ray which casted a large shadow on the antagonist and hostage not only to draw them both into the focal point but the shadow also promoted his authority in the scene. The real-time outside sound was also quiet which was also best suited for this scene as we chose to film this scene during our break so there was no evidence that we were filming in college rather than a home environment. The only problem we had with this scene probably was the acting, as it was a quite tense scene and required a lot of emotion from the actors Jordan, Adil, and Viktorija.

----- (Paste Picture from Adil here) -----

357 magnum revolver

During scene 4 we needed a gun for the main antagonist in the hostage scene, we did bring along a colt pistol, however, this would not be fitting as this would have been used within the 1700s by pirates, so therefore to match the 1950s film Noir style we had to obtain a realistic gun that was used within the 1950s that was cheap and realistic, therefore we picked up a 357 Revolver



the bag seen above was the object the thief was stealing, we needed any bag as long as it looked full and contained goods.


 – take picture –

Seen above is the picture of the Computer, we used it as a television in scene 2 where the thief comes home and scans the news to find if the bag was found, the computer was simple and small, it wasn’t one hundred percent authentic to a 1930-1950s style tube television however it provided us with what we needed which was visuals to a news broadcast.


– take picture –

Seen above is the wallet that was dropped when Civilian #1 was knocked over by the thief, it is a simple leather wallet, which according to research was a wallet material most common wallets were made of in the 1930-1950s.

_Open Scene_

Opening Chase – Scene where Civilian #1 is walking down the street with his bag and  robber steals the bag and runs around the corner with bag, realising there was a police who witnessed the crime the thief frantically runs up behind civilian #2 and hands bag to him robber escapes down alleyway civilian confused looks in bag then looks up and back – police man runs around corner civilian realises that police are now chasing him civilian begins running –  is now being chased by police doesn’t catch him but civilian is now wanted man.

Scene 2

search scene – Whilst on the computer in dark, robber is trying to look at news on computer and the broadcast to see if bag was found and bag wasn’t found.

Scene 3

Searching scene – Robber looking on the street to find the bag, however, the thief doesn’t find it. nonetheless, thief finds civilians drivers licence.

Scene 4

Hostage situation – Goes to civilian house and takes his wife hostage and threatens the civilian with murdering his wife.

_close scene_

Seen bellow is version 1.0 of the trailer, after further feedback, we chose to change the inconsistencies between shots such as from 0:10 – 0:16 we see a bag hand swap from the different shots. Another change that was made was the filter from colour to greyscale.

 500px-s-bahn-logo_rot-svg2een bellow is another version.

Concept #2
The Big Betrayal
Concept 2

4 – Actors
8 -roles

  • Boss
  • Mafia Boss
  • Boss men #1
  • Boss men #2
  • Mafia Boss men #1
  • Mafia Boss men #2
  • Employee
  • Man to prove false witness
Scene 1

Opening Betrayal Scene – Bad boss is betrayed by employee, employee steals money from boss, victim flees.

Scene 2

Revenge Scene – Boss finds out – in revenge of this, the boss puts a £1,000 bounty on (employee) head, sending word to all of New York underworld. Mafia responds to the call and are put on the job, victim is hunted through the night. Mafia attempts to trap victim for the reward. Only to discover that he has fallen outside top window in building.

Scene 3

False Witness Scene – Mafia men see this and mafia attempt to say they killed the guy and want the reward In front of the boss. Mafia leave with money

Scene 4

Boss’ Revenge Scene – Boss finds out that the Mafia gave a false witness, and now head out to kill mafia with men.

Scene 5

Interrogation scene – with detective where civilian saying it was someone else, however, all evidence isgainst him – because robber had mask on and similar clothes to thief the shopkeeper can’t tell and accused the victim.

 scene 6

Reveal Scene – robber comes forward (feels guilty)


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