Treatment – UNIT 52

3D Animation Treatment  – Sloppy Pencil

I have been given a brief based on Unit – 52 whereby I am chosen to be a freelancer where I have been given the opportunity to create an animated 15 -20 seconds 3D animation for a leading stationary provider. The name of my project is going to be “Pencils for Youngins”

The brief has stated that the client requested that the animation is to be of an everyday office object and have “character”. The client also states that the stationary object is to also to show some form of emotion so that an audience connection can be made. Therefore I am going to create an animation that is going to be around fifteen seconds long, expressing the pencil’s capabilities.

Since my target audience is younger students and pencil consumers the storyline of my pencil animation is going to be based on a sloppy pencil Idea #2 based on my concept research. The pencil’s name is Sharpy Woodbottom aged 7 from his hometown pencil case. The brief also states that “The 3D model cannot have additional arms, legs, eyes etc. added.” thus I have to focus on the movement of the pencil to make the pencil look immature and sloppy when it moves similar to a young child further attracting the target audience – To carry this out, I plan to add a lot of squash and stretch within the movements of the bounces and spinning so the pencil will look more ‘animated’ and comedic, further attracting the target audience. The pencil will begin with the pencil bouncing along a plane with a childish jump in its step, A camera will be key-framed to track the pencils movement from behind the pencil. The pencil will then move onto accidentally falling over and collapsing on the floor, rolling on the ground to a pause. After looking lifeless, the pencil jumps up with energy, spinning and twirling in the air using the eraser as a bouncing pad, the pencil will land on the wooden/led tip and bounce on the spot – and finally landing on the tip of the pencil’s led – standing upright, This will express the fun nature of the pencil attracting the target audience, which will make the potential consumers more likely to purchase the product. Finally I will edit this all in Autodesk Maya Maya-01.png using forward kinematics using keyframes. Forward kinematics current effector

When using FK, your character rig will follow the hierarchal chain. This can mean more control over your chain, but it also means you’d need to position each joint in your chain independently of each other.

by utilizing IK in your character’s arms you can position your character’s hand and the rest of the character’s arm chain will automatically be calculated. Because this allows you to animate independently of your chain’s hierarchy

(500px-s-bahn-logo_rot-svg2een Bellow (Storyboard)

Photo on 25-01-2017 at 09.59.jpg

Since the target market is more intended for the younger pencil consumers I plan on making the animation clean without any visual and audible harmful content. The colour scheme I am going to use is going to be traditional cadmium yellow, steel silver for the eraser holder and copper red for the eraser at the top. The wooden bottom will be a wooden texture. This is the most common pencil that is found with the younger pencil consumer. To make sure that my pencil is copyright free I aim at creating my own model and texture, I will use my own texture that is created in photoshop whilst using my sketches for reference and the mood board pencils for reference. The pencil model will also be created within my software version of Autodesk Maya.



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