To produce this emblem seen above for TEAM #3, I went through very few to none, trials to be able to get to the final form. The main inspiration came from looking at current exotic and luxury leading branded vehicles such as the: Lamborghini, Ferrari, Dodge, Porsche and Jaguar.

Prior to reviewing the general design aspects of these emblems, my attention was drawn to emblems such as the Mercedes, Chrysler, Buick, Cadillac due to the fact that I feel the symbol used, explains a lot about a car, such as a Cadillac’s symbol, it has been recognized as the producer of luxury powerful American cars, the symbol’s shield represents power and defense whilst the inner colours of Mustard gold, and velvet red can represent luxury. I started looking further more into the symbols that have bases of shields or representations of power. I noticed quite a few firm’s ONLY have a shield or powerful defense emblem as their symbol. So I found the saint icon and noticed no company has used the simple alone as their main emblem, A saint is an individual who is acknowledged as to possess an extraordinary measure of likeness to being God-like.  this I feel could be a great backstory for not only a car but a design element. I sketched out the base design using my research as the influence.

 I then took to Adobe Photoshop where I used the shape tool, to where there was a saint symbol already present, I this to make the main shape and I would copy and paste the original shape on top of the other and use the brush technique to create a three-dimensional effect at the vertices using dark and light shades of the grey, which was the original base colour uses.Emblem_3.png
This is the final product.


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